Lifetime Achievement Award for Rouhollah Baradari at the 19th Cinema Production Managers’ Celebration

The 19th Cinema Production Managers’ Celebration, which had been on a three-year hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic, resumed on Saturday evening, July 23rd, at the Parsian Hotel in Tehran under the organization of Ali Qaem Maghami.

The event, attended by a significant gathering of filmmakers, featured the honoring of industry veterans with golden plaques. The ceremony, hosted by Sam Gharibian, was divided into two segments, acknowledging lifetime contributions and recognizing outstanding films from 2019 to 2022.

Lifetime Achievement Awards:

– A lifetime achievement award in the form of a golden plaque was presented to MohammadSadegh Azin.
– Rouhollah Baradari was celebrated with a lifetime achievement award and a golden plaque for his substantial contributions.
– Shahram Danshpour was honored with a golden plaque.
– Farhad Kinjadeh received a golden plaque for his distinguished career.
– Fathollah Jafari Joozani was recognized with a golden plaque for his outstanding service.
– Morteza Manouli was celebrated with a golden plaque for his significant contributions.

Recognition for Outstanding Films (2019-2022):

– Mehdi Badrlou was awarded a golden plaque for “Khorshid” (The Sun).
– Mohammad Yamin received a golden plaque for “Ghahreman” (Hero).
– Vahid Maedani was presented with a golden plaque for “Mansour.”
– Majid Babaei and Peyman Shirkhani were honored with honorary diplomas for “Khun Shod” (Became Blood).
– Peyman Hamidi received an honorary diploma for “Koot Chermi” (The Leather Coat).

This celebration marked a significant tribute to individuals who have made extraordinary contributions to the realm of film production, as well as a recognition of outstanding films from the past few years.