The Iranian ArtHouse film ,TWO directed by Soheila Golestani AWARDED in 19th Black Nights Film Festival

The Iranian ArtHouse film TWO directed  by Soheila Golestani and produced by Parviz Parastui is Participating The 19th Black Nights Film Festival, which runs Nov. 13-29 in Tallinn, Estonia,

Festival director Tiina Lokk said: “The festival was looking for the birth of an artist with an original and strong vision and the ability to engage the audiences with universally graspable messages.”

The Iranian film, Two, is the directorial debut of actress Soheila Golestani. The feature follows a man who returns from Germany to his native Iran to sell his former home.

Golestani previosuly starred in Today, which played at Black Nights in 2014, winning the Firpresci prize and the Ecumenical Jury Prize.

Tiina  Lokk said : The way changes to ties with one’s habitat can be a source of conflict is evident in the Iranian film “Two,” also a world premiere. It is directed by the Iranian actress Soheila Golestani, who starred in the film “Today,” winner of several awards at Black Nights Film Festival last year.

Her directorial debut, which the festival describes as “a fine example of the modernized visual language of Iranian cinema,” looks at the efforts of a cleaning woman to communicate with a man who has started a family in Germany and has only returned to Iran to sell his former home, with which he has lost all emotional connection.

The Jury members for The 19th Black Nights Film Festival are  Krzysztof Zanussi , Alissa Simon ,  Gust Van Den Berghe,  Ivo Felt,  Anton Veeremets , Gints Berzins .