Samira Baradari, Born in 1980, educated in the field of social science and holder of a filmmaking certificate from the young filmmakers association and documentary films from whistling woods International school in Mumbai. She started her career in the field of photography in 1998 and received her first filmmaking experience in 2002 as a production manager. During this period, she performed as First Assistant to the director as well as Scriptsupervisor in more than 20 movies. She has experience working with well-known directors such as Farzad Mo’tamen, Behrouz Afkhami, Syrus Alvand, Shahram Mokri, Majid Barzegar, Vahid Mousaeian , Reza Serkanian, and… She also directed some short films and documentary films such as “Crimson red” which was granted the best director and best film prize in Iranian short film Festivals, as well as documentaries such as “Born of a Wish” and “Slum within ”
The “Risk of Acid rain” was her first experience in producing which was presented in various international film festivals and granted prizes for the film as well as its screenplay.