Born in 1955, holder of a second grade Art degree equivalent to Master degree in Art, he has also been active in the field of professional theater.
On the theatre stage, he began working with the theatrical group of “Andisheh” since 1975.
He experienced his first cinematic activity in 1981 as producer and actor in the movie “Parchamdar” directed by Mr. Shahriar Bahrani.
After years of experience in the professional and Holy Defense film industry as a production manager and producer, he added monumental productions such as “The Attack on H3 “ and “Sajjadeh Atash” to his professional workbook. He was also the Executive producer of the television series called “ Prophet Yusuf”.
From 1995, with the establishment of the Touba Film Institute, he focused more on the production of movies in Iranian Cinema and produced movies such as “Bitter Dream” and “Silence of the Sea”

Movies such as “Bitter Dream”, “Silence of the sea” and “The risk of acid rain” with having numerous presences in various festivals and succeeding to receive various prizes and which are admired by audiences are among his best works.
He is currently active in the private sector as an Independent producer and Managing Director of Touba Film.