The Lost Land

Director : Vahid Mousaian


Following the social changes of September 1941, a new generation of immigrants entered Iran. They had spent many years of their lives in Siberian camps.


Director: Vahid Mousaian

Producer: Rouhollah Baradari

Line Producer: Rouhollah Baradari

Director of Photography: Shahriar Assadi

Music: Fereydun Shahbazian

Edit: Alireza Farsijani





Vahid Mousaian born in 1969, is an Iranian director and documentary filmmaker. He started his career as a filmmaker in 1986 by making a short film, and now he is a member of the Asia-Pacific Film Screen Academy. "Wishes of The Land" is his first feature film that is made in 2001. This film won the Moscow Jury Special Award, the Kodak Company Award for Best First Film. It also won the Special Mons Film Award at the Belgian Mons Film Festival and the Best Supporting Actor Award at the 20th Fajr Film Festival.


  • Document /
  • Colour /
  • 30 min /
  • Iran


  • 25th "Fajr International Film Festival/ Tehran/ Iran/ 2007
  • "Asia Pacific Screen Film Festival"/Australia


·         Winner of “Best Documentary Film Award” at the 25th "Fadjr International Film Festival/ Tehran/ Iran.2007

·         Nominated of" Best Documentary Feature Film Award” at the "Asia Pacific Screen Film Festival"/ Australia