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Director : Ziaeddin Dorri

A director is looking for a female actor for the leading role in the film. After considerable searching, he chooses a girl, but the girl cannot play in the movie.


Director:Ziaeddin Dori

Writer: Ziaeddin Dori

Producer: Rouhollah Baradari

Director of Photography: Mohammad Dormanesh

Production Soundri Mixers and Sound Recordist:

Behrouz Moavenian

Assistant Director: Vahid Mousaian

Assistant Producer: Mohsen Saberi

Set and Costume Designer: Reza Kianian

Colorist: Ali Najafi

Title Cameraman: Asadollah Majidi

Music: Alireza Kohan Deyri

Edit: Hossein Zandbaf  


Reza Kianian

Maryam Moghadam

Ahmad Damood

Behnaz Jafari

Kourosh Tahami





Ziaeddin Dorri born in 1953, was an Iranian director, producer and writer who passed away in 2018. He started his artistic career with television, and his first experience as a director was the movie named "Saeghe". In Lebanon, He made two films namely "Forbidden Love" and "Me and Deborah" which were not scheduled for public release. ‘’The English Bag’’ series, is one of the best and most significant historical TV series, also one of the successful examples of his artistic career.


  • Drama /
  • Colour /
  • 90 min /
  • Iran


  • 15th “Fajr” International Film Festival/ Tehran/ Iran/ 1997